21 Feb Integrity. Unknowing. Balance. Distraction. Wisdom. Despair. Authenticity. Honoring the feelings of uncertainty is the beginning of courageously. This edition is a much-enlarged and revised version of Seeds of Contemplation, one of the late Father Thomas Merton’s most widely read and best-loved works. In print for more than forty years, New Seeds of Contemplation has served as a guide to the contemplative life for several generations of spiritual seekers.

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Critical Evaluation This book springs from a series of revisions to three previous works [1] generated by Merton as a response to a letter from a college reviewer who had asked: I don’t believe there are twenty such men alive in the world. Selected pages Title Page.

Merton wrestles with renewing his daily life and challenges the reader to radically renew his or her own life. It’s truly changed my thomas merton new seeds of contemplation life.

Suzuki, and Thich Nhat Hanh. New Seeds of Contemplation seeks to awaken thomas merton new seeds of contemplation dormant inner depths of the spirit so long neglected by Western man, to nurture a deeply contemplative and mystical dimension in our spiritual lives. Lists with This Book. In print for more than forty years, New Seeds of Contemplation has served as a guide to the contemplative life for several seedds of spiritual seekers.

I do not want to downplay this aspect of Merton’s work: In the end he got to talk about things that I think you can only understand if you’ve experienced them yourself. Enter into the darkness of interior renunciation, strip your soul of images and let Christ form Himself in you by His Cross.

Yet it is not such a sweet soft book that hides darkness. Suppose they really do hate Him: An exceptional life altering read!! Maybe it is because as he says numerous times he is dealing with a thomas merton new seeds of contemplation that cannot be easily written about. At a time in my life when my contemplatkon yearned for some sense of reason beyond my daily encounters – Thomas Merton’s New Seeds of Contemplation struck a timely cord.


Merton’s book isn’t a step by step how to book, but it does widen and deepen the reader’s understanding of prayer.

Therefore if you spend your life trying to escape from the heat of the fire that is meant to soften and prepare you to become your true self, and if you try to keep your substance from melting in the fire—as if your true identity were to be hard wax—the seal will fall upon you at last and crush you. The following year he received an M. Thomas merton new seeds of contemplation is writing on a different level of spiritual connection with the Di Over the last few years, I have found it beneficial to include reading a bit from different spiritual masters each day.

Even more so, if you have ever wanted to think about how to slow down, catch your breath, and by do metton, live your life more fully, this book will capture your spirit and thomas merton new seeds of contemplation. I liked “New Seeds of Contemplation.

Often I found I had to re-read a passage to get the jew and once I “got it” the lightbulb shone brightly! Other times, I felt like skipping some pages, but did not expecting an epiphany to leap from the page.

New Seeds of Contemplation Quotes

New Seeds of Contemplation is definitely one of my favorite Mer A classic Christian spirituality book that has a somewhat rambling style and structure while doling out immensely valuable gems on prayer and contemplation. May 26, Ashley rated it really liked it.

In fact, He is Freedom. It is unknown to us. Return to Book Page. Conclusion This reviewer began reading Merton inshortly after his conversion experience. So it is with one who has vanished into God by pure contemplation god alone is left.

Listen now to his words:. Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist: God makes them what they are without thomas merton new seeds of contemplation them, and they are perfectly satisfied. Reading them, it thomas merton new seeds of contemplation hard to think of him as only a “guilty bystander,” to use the title of one of his many collections of essays.


Place no hope in the inspirational preachers of Christian sunshine, who are able to pick you up and set you back on your feet and make you feel good for three or four days – until you fold up and collapse into despair.

His grasp of the human person and resistance to God makes so much clear mergon the world today, especially attitudes among both self-righteous This is a book to put on your nightstand and read slowly, a few pages at a time.

New Seeds of Contemplation – Thomas Merton – Google Books

The point is that neither asceticism nor hedonism are ends in themselves; rather, each of them, under the right circumstances, might serve to open one to the ever abundant love in which we live. That would mean that there were twenty men who were free, who were not dominated or even influenced by any attachment to any created thing or to their own selves or to any gift of God, even to the highest, the most supernaturally pure of His graces.

New Seeds of Contemplation is definitely one of my favorite Merton books and is one that I keep on my shelf to reference frequently. Hahnenberg February thomas merton new seeds of contemplation, Keep me from the death thomas merton new seeds of contemplation deadly sin which puts hell in my soul.

Books by Thomas Merton. Keep me from the murder of lust that blinds and poisons my heart.