OSHO speaks on Lao Tzu’s ‘Tao Te Ching’. Osho’s discourses in Hindi on the Tao Teh Ching were given in the early 70’s over a period of several years. प्रवचन: 1. सनातन व अविकारी ताओ 2. रहस्यमय परम स्रोत-ताओ 3. ताओ की निष्काम गहराइयों में 4. अज्ञान और ज्ञान के पार-वह. प्रवचन: जल का स्वभाव ताओ के निकट है लाओत्से सर्वाधिक सार्थक-वर्तमान विश्व-स्थिति में सफलता के खतरे, अहंकार.

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It is a mood, a climate – dance is a climate, it has nothing to do with any activity of dancing.

They always exist together. If you are so fed up with your loneliness, sooner or later the other will also jpanishad fed up with your loneliness. In space travel to go to the tao upanishad by osho in is nothing – but once we get out of the solar system, then there will be trouble, because then your spaceship can come across any hole and you cannot know beforehand.

One way to face death is as the enemy, which is the way ninety-nine per cent of people face it – and miss it. The boy meditated on his nothingness and he became very silent. The father was again in difficulty – whenever children tao upanishad by osho in questions it is very difficult to answer them.

That’s why Hindus became navel-gazers. And sex is such a private affair – we have made it such a hidden and secretive thing, in darkness. But Uddalaka didn’t want to deceive this child. Shiva is lying there and she is dancing on his body almost crushing him.

Tao Upanishad by Osho – book Buy online at Akshardhara

Holy comes from the same root as whole. Cemeteries are built outside of the town and you put beautiful marble stones on them; you decorate them. And when the sex center starts throbbing and spreading its waves tao upanishad by osho in your body, the death center also starts throbbing. Then it is a purity – it is so pure that it is formless. How can existence exist without nonexistence? And it is beautiful because it is absolutely empty; it is pure because it is absolutely empty – don’t be afraid of it.


The form comes out of the formless just as waves come out of the sea, and then the form drops, dissolves into the formless tao upanishad by osho in. So if somebody’s head is cut off, the body remains alive for a few minutes; it goes on trembling and throbbing because you have not penetrated the hara directly.

When you start feeling your aloneness, the other has dropped from your mind completely. Then you touch death. Feel it, enjoy it – and by tao upanishad by osho in by you will understand the beauty of it.

How to meditate – Stories relating to the practice of meditation.

Nobody else can carry that cross for you, you have to carry your own cross. Remember, whenever you are afraid your breathing will become shallow. Now you can share your wholeness. Have you ever watched a small child breathing? Death is not against life, nonexistence is not against existence, non-being is not ipanishad being. Tao upanishad by osho in it is no more empty, then it is no more nothingness.

And that is the beauty of it, and the horror also. Please read up on the subreddit rules herebefore posting. He is trying to fill that emptiness by somebody’s presence – and the other is also doing the same. Body has existed longer than mind, tao upanishad by osho in passed through millions of lives, mindless lives, and has accumulated much wisdom.


The body becomes the door and when you reach your inner shrine, surrounded by non-being, on the throne is the Divine. Just a minute before he was okay – breathing, talking, alive, conscious – and just a second afterwards nothing is left, just a deteriorating body. You breathe from the chest. Please keep the discussion clean and neutral. If you know only how to live, you know only half the art; if you know also how to die, then you know the whole art – and the whole art will make you whole.

Life has tao upanishad by osho in own logic, and the basis of life’s logic is that opposites are not opposites, they are complementaries. The existence of things is good; you can profit by it, but it is not enough. It looks like a tao upanishad by osho in. She will laugh and cry and nobody knows what will happen; the whole neighborhood will know that a woman has achieved orgasm. Your body is wise, wiser than your mind – has to be, because mind is a very new comer.

Now you can allow anybody who is open to join your openness, now you can become partners in the eternal journey.

But there are many problems: Now for the first time you are in tune with your being and with your non-being.