Using Spirent TestCenter with Segment Routing . use cases are given and step -by-step instructions on using Spirent TestCenter to configure and run these test. Spirent TestCenter™ minimizes that risk by mirroring actual network scenarios and traffic Ŋ Automatically configure traffic with dynamic IP and. mAc addresses. The Spirent TestCenter™ 10GbE HyperMetrics test module introduces a new paradigm in . system software (licenses sold separately) and documentation.

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Example of testcase execution with dummy results defined by CLI argument: This would continue the search at 32 but still have a maximum possible value of RFC Throughput Testing 3. For installation, select the version that matches the Spirent TestCenter Application version.

Dictionary with dummy results can be passed by CLI argument –test-params or specified in Parameters section of testcase definition. This example will use Spirent TestCenter v4. This feature can spirent test center user guide enabled in the configuration files as well as the length of the final verification in seconds. In case of Burst traffic type, the latency statistics are measured for all frames in the burst.

After compilation and configuration it is possible to run trex server in stateless mode. If necessary you can try to force the API to use a specific spirent test center user guide speed per port.

Please send ‘continuous’ traffic with the following stream config: Pre-configured results for the Dummy traffic generator will be used only in case, that the Dummy traffic generator is used. OR run vsperf with the –trafficgen argument. This option allows for a faster binary search with a longer final verification of the binary search result. Whereas, maximum for LR is Metrics collected for supported traffic types 3. Tesy value modifies the behavior of rfc throughput testing.


Connection information for Trex must spireent supplied inside the custom configuration file. Xena spiretn traffic by default does a 3 second learning preemption to allow the DUT to receive learning packets before a continuous test is performed. To remove this limitation enable promiscuous mode on T-Rex to allow all packets regardless of spirent test center user guide destination spirent test center user guide to be accepted.


After its installation you should configure spirent test center user guide as follows: You can also modify the traffic transmission duration and the number of tests run by the traffic generator by extending the example commandline above to:. Xena Networks traffic generator requires specific files and packages to be installed. For best practice results in deploying STCv, the following is suggested: Otherwise traffic may not be able to pass through the vSwitch.


cener This can be adjusted with the following configurations:. If the verification step fails, it will resume the binary search with new values where the maximum output will be the last attempted frame rate minus the current set spirent test center user guide hold.

The list of metrics can be found at traffic-type-metrics.

Virtual spirent test center user guide port performance is affected by the hypervisor configuration. The duration and maximum number of attempted verification trials can be set to change the spirent test center user guide of this step.

This will setup the vSwitch and the VNF if one is part of your test print the traffic configuration and prompt you to transmit traffic when the setup is complete. It is possible to specify the accuracy of RFC Throughput measurement. The following parameters must be set to allow for proper connections to the host with MoonGen. T-Rex can perform a verification run for a longer duration once the binary search of the RFC trials have completed.


The below configurations can be adjusted to enable this. Xena traffic generator testing for rfc throughput can be modified for different behaviors if needed.

The first 2 values are spirent test center user guide address-learning test where as other 3 values are for the Address caching capacity test. In case of a Dummy traffic generator it is possible to pre-configure the test results. If the final verification does not pass the test with the lossrate specified it will continue the binary search from its previous point. Maximum value for address is Create a new directory at DUT, where shared directory with results will be mounted, spirent test center user guide.

The maximum is set to the last pass rate minus the threshold value set. This duration should be at least 60 spirsnt.

Content of this folder must be shared e.

Threshold below defines maximal difference between frame rate of successful i. If you are using two separate cards then it will take the spirent test center user guide of the two cards as the max speed. Select a version of Spirent TestCenter software to utilize. In case of burst traffic type, it enables latency measurements for all frames. Finally vsperf will print out the results for your test and generate the appropriate logs and report files.