There are three ways to chant Shiva Sahastranam or any Sahastranaam of ShreeMahaDevi or Lord Shiva and any other Gods. But first which Sahastranam is. Shiv Sahastra Naam Names Of Lord Shiva MP3 Song by Chand Kumar from the Sanskrit movie Shiv Sahastranaam. Download Shiv Sahastra Naam-

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Subandhanvimochanaay, He is the one who tears the bonds of those who bind themselves to Him Suraganaay, One who is all the celestials united together Vaasavaay, The Lord is Vaasava, Indra Simhanaadaay, The Lord has the roar of the lion Sarvalokaprajaapatayae, Who if the Father or Lord of all the worlds or lokas and of all creatures Brahmalokaay, Shiv sahastra naam Lord is the abode of Truth Sreematae, The Lord is the abode shiv sahastra naam every prosperity Samvatsaraay, The Lord is the form of the Year Dhoomakaetavae, The Lord is the comet of difficulties that are experienced by the sinful Nandinae, One who is delightful Amaraeshaay, The Lord is the Lord of the celestials Itihaasaay, One who is most ancient, who is the past and history Let us know you better Full Name.

Mahatejaa, The Lords effulgence covers the entire universe Nandikaraay, The giver of prosperity Nandayae, One who is blissful Badhaay, The Lord is the form of death Siddhaarthaay, One whose desires are fulfilled immediately, objects are fulfilled without waiting Sarvakaamagunaavahaay, The Lord upholds the desires of His devotees and all the attributes of nature Avashaay, One who becomes shiv sahastra naam for falling into the body Maya Sarvadhaaranavaraay, The Lord is superior to shiv sahastra naam creation Aadhyanirgamaay, The Lord is the form of the power of the Jeevas to germinate Mahaagarbhaay, One who is the vast womb of creation Trivikramaay, The Lord covered the three worlds shiv sahastra naam His three steps Mahaeshvaraay, The one who is the Supreme Lord of even the celestials Darbhachaarinae, The Lord treads the sacred grounds where the sacred grass grows Darbha Mahaaharshaay, One who happiness is great, beyond measure Sarvasusamkshatavistaraay, The Shiv sahastra naam is the form of the creations of Rishi Vyaas, as the Lord is the book form of the Puraanaas and the Vedas Bahudhaaninditaay, The Lord has been accused and criticized numerous times Bhairava, One who destroys fear It will be featured on Winners page shortly.


Niyamaendriyavardhanaay, The One who has His passions under control through various vows and regulations Praetachaarinae, One who roams in the company shiv sahastra naam spirits Muditaay, One who is happiness, cheerfulness Svatibhaavaay, The Lord is the very form of blessings, prosperity Mrudavae, The Lord protects all creatures from all sorts of fears Brahmakrutae, You are shiv sahastra naam creator of the Vedas Mahaaghoeraay, The great destroyer Vrukshakaetavae, One who is the very tree of the universe Raudraroopaay, One who has a terrible form Sarvalokakrutae, The Lord is shiv sahastra naam creator of all the worlds Sarvayoginae, The Lord is all pervading self in everything as the Lord is joined to everything Kanishthaay, The youngest Sarvaratnavidae, One who possesses the best of all things This Email ID is already registered.

Prasannaay, The Lord is always cheerful, blissful Hiranyabaahavae, The one who has golden arms Second part start from characteristics of devotee.

Hi Guest Login Register. Vishamaangaay, One whose forms are very subtle and form the bases of the elements Bahubhootaay, The Lord has multiplied Himself into endless forms Daevaay, One who is ever victorious Suchchhatraay, The Shiv sahastra naam has a beautiful umbrella Asatae, The Lord is the effect Do you want to save changes? Satkrutaay, The Lord is revered, respected, honored by all Avyayaay, Shiv sahastra naam Lord is inmutable