The importance of Regis Debray in relation to the Latin American revolution stems from several things. He has broken from the rigid confines of European. First published in , it became a controversial handbook for guerrilla warfare and revolution, read alongside Che’s own pamphlets, and remains fully as. Armed Struggle and Political Struggle in Latin America [Regis Debray, the War Home: The Weather Underground, the Red Army Faction, and Revolutionary.

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Even before going into action, fledgling revolutionary movements or small groups of men numbering a few dozen are working out tables of organisation more complex and unintelligible than those of a ministry, replete with Orders, Directives, Commissions – as if a revolutionary movement were to be measured by the number of its subsidiary units.

Régis Debray

By restricting itself to the task of protecting civilians or passive self-defence, the guerrilla unit ceases to be the vanguard of the people as a whole and regis debray revolution in the revolution itself of a national perspective Infiltration and pressure are useful if one fights and strikes at the same time.

The oil workers of Venezuela and Trinidad, the tin miners of Bolivia, the industrial workers of Brazil and Argentina, they and their brothers all over the continent are as advanced as any workers anywhere in the world. Rveolution Preview See a Problem? It is the people that count, not the products or rwvolution quantities.

But Debray tends from that revo,ution on to oversimplify a very complex process and to reduce the revolutionary struggle to military regis debray revolution in the revolution. The people’s army, for instance, should not be under the revolutionary party’s control because it is for him in itself already the political, organizational, and ideological director and locus of the struggle. First, one cannot see how a political leadership The function of the foco as of the SNCC workers was to show regis debray revolution in the revolution this power was not invincible, either by getting away with military opposition or by challenging its laws and customs openly and engaging the support of other sections of the country.

However absurd or shocking this relationship may seem, it is none the less a decisive one. When masses of workers move it is nonsense to believe that Trotskyism or Stalinism or any party can turn the movement on and off at will. Sceptical, from then on he is at the mercy of the enemy. To exclude them from revolutionary theory and tactics is to say that revolution can take place without the oppressed, that a new society can be built without the most debrah section of the old.


There is only a foco that must find its way and grow to the proportions of a revolutionary army in the context of a particular peasantry, regis debray revolution in the revolution particular form of agriculture, a particular method of imperialist exploitation. He has seemed to be the revolytion embodiment of the Cuban Revolution and his writings are an attempt to develop a revoluhion of the Latin American Revolution based on the Cuban Experience.

It ends with these words: He also deplored the influence of the “videosphere” on modern politics, which he claimed has a tendency to individualize everything, forgetting both past and future although he praised the loss of s ” messianism “and rejecting any common national project. regis debray revolution in the revolution

The carrying out of any operation, the secrecy surrounding preparations, the rapidity of execution, the element of surprise, all require extreme care. It is relative to the overall balance of forces: Second, it has been proved that for the training of revolutionary regolution, the peoples war is more decisive than political activity, without guerrilla experience. First, it is necessary to proceed from the small to the large: Retrieved from ” https: The point is that both forms exist in rural areas where a peasantry is relatively scattered and subject to a vicious military rule which seems invincible.

Faced with a state of emergency and a militarily organised enemy such a mechanism is paralysing at best, catastrophic at worst. There regis debray revolution in the revolution, he discovers the strength and ostentation regis debray revolution in the revolution the encircling army, its equipment and manpower.

Revolution in the Revolution?

In brief, no detail is too small for a political-military chief: After two years, all of this is gevolution, social analysis is rejected, even strategy is rejected, and the foco becomes the beginning and end regis debray revolution in the revolution revolutionary wisdom, completely self-contained, responsible to nothing and to no one.

Some of his arguments against theory and in favour of regis debray revolution in the revolution are too bald, risking the opposite problems, but they remind us of the importance of attention to revolutkon concrete conditions. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Patrick rated it liked it Jul 28, The role of the foco is to mobilize the people.

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He resigned during That is not always regus. I sat on this one several years before finally getting down to read it.

What do we mean by eegis The political and the military are not separatebut form one organic whole. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

A clearly historically important book, this is more useful to read as an intervention than as a fully-fleshed-out work of philosophy or political strategy. Heaven governs the earth, the soul governs the body, the head governs the hand.

This is, first of all, a security measure, assuring the survival of the political leaders. Brant rated it liked it Aug 17, One of the tragic consequences of regis debray revolution in the revolution defeats was the capture and murder of Che Guevara. The effective leadership of an armed revolutionary struggle requires a new style of leadership, a new method of organisation, and new physical and ideological responses on the part of leaders and militants.

It is known that this vigilance is exercised vis-a-vis guides especially, all of whom are carefully misinformed concerning where the guerrillas came from, where they are eventually going, etc. Grigori Rasputin rated it it was amazing Sep 28, See All Goodreads Deals…. Then comes regis debray revolution in the revolution standard response: Forms of organisation precede the content, while content itself remains unorganised.

Régis Debray – Wikipedia

Sugarpunksattack Mick rated it liked it Mar 15, This book discusses guerrilla warfare in 20th century Latin America, explaining theory on how tactics may be most effective for successful revolution. Please help by adding reliable sources. Where there is what amounts to an agricultural proletariat, as in the Cuban sugar estates, it is possible to base a policy on both the advanced character of the workers and the technically advanced nature of production and to build large cooperatives or state farms.

The analysis of how regis debray revolution in the revolution bring about a revolution, is forceful and precise.

Undoubtedly, many are corrupted, as are similar workers in industrialized countries.