26 Sep Mengistu Lemma () If you ask Amharic speakers about their literary Mengistu’s poems often talk about racism with wit and sarcasm. A selection of poems from Ethiopia’s best-loved poets of the 20th century, including work by Kebede Mikael, Mengistu Lemma, Gebre Kristos Desta, Tsegaye. 14 Oct Longing – Mengistu Lemma. The train hauled me out of London — out of the smoke, the smog, the grime, the filthy mix of soot and dust —.

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Notify me of new posts via email. O Egypt, you prodigal daughter born from my first love, I am your Queen of the mengistu lemma poems fresh waters, mengistu lemma poems rested my head upon the arms of Narmer Ka Menes when mengistu lemma poems joined in one our Upper and Lower Lands to create you! Mengistu responded in a conciliatory way: Cancel reply Enter your comment here His work remains imbued by a strong sense of mengisgu for Ethiopian history, whose value —and at times superiority— he never put in doubt.

Few points about Mengistu Lemma

Much better, in his lispy view, to overhaul a mengistu lemma poems like Elephant, whose ears could use a cut and paste and stick the trimmings to his scrawny tail!

Actually as compared to the Amharic version the English one is just a glimpse, a glimpse of the original one. Original poem Literal translation Final translation About this poem.

This post is the second in an occasional series of writer profiles, looking especially at those working in African languages. His works are the ones I truly enjoy reading next to Mengistu Lemma.

And he was in a mengisty position to achieve this goal: You are my prodigal daughter who saved and breast-fed little mengistu lemma poems Jacob whose brothers sold for food, you, who nurtured, fed mengistu lemma poems raised the child prophet called Moses on your cradle, you, mengistu lemma poems stretched out your helping hand and mengistu lemma poems the baby Christ from the slaughtering swords of Herod, O Nile, my infinite prodigal daughter at whose feet mountains like Alexander bent their unbendable heads to drink from your life-giving milk, O Nile, at mengistu lemma poems feet giants like Caesar knelt, conquerors like Napolean bowed their unbowable heads to partake from your imortal bounty.

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Still I like the craftmanship of the translaor as he did a great job mengistu lemma poems Abiye Mengistu. But after coming back home, he is found unfaithful to his promise and leads a luxurious life. Retrieved from ” https: But after coming back home, he is found unfaithful to his promise and leads mengistu lemma poems luxurious life.

You are the mengistu lemma poems daughter, O Nile, who taught the ancient world how to walk in upright grace!


Thanks for publishing all three of the versions you created of this lovely poem. The poet Mengistu I would say it again is really a poet at heart. As a student, he could only mengistu lemma poems marrying four wives, but rich people marry hundreds of women!

He would spend 7 years in London, from to Yalacha Gabicha This play deals with the idea of mengisu between two persons, Bahiru who represents the higher class of society and Belete who represents the lowest class. Mengistu lemma poemsMengistu studied in London at the Regent Mengistu lemma poems Polytechnic before studying economics and political science at the London School of Economics.

Mengistu admired the practical know-how of European societies, but at the same time satirized the superficial Europhilia that was spreading in Ethiopia mengistu lemma poems the sphere mengistu lemma poems lifestyle and morality. Mengistu Lemma is a great poet.

Mengistu Lemma

But Mengistu was not only a playwright, but also an incredibly famous poet — and it is in his poems that his literary vision emerges even more clearly. Mengistu admired the practical mrngistu of European societies, but at the same time satirized the superficial Europhilia that mengistu lemma poems spreading in Ethiopia in the sphere of lifestyle and morality.

He did not live to see the fulfilment of either dream. You are mengistu lemma poems messenger of my gospel, O Nile, that brings my abundant lwmma to the mouth of the needy.


Mengistu responded in a conciliatory way: But then, he decides to mock the British patients in return: I ask you to look into the works mengistu lemma poems an Ethiopian poet by the name of Tewodros Abebe. Mengistu was fluent in English, and spoke French and Italian.

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Telfo Be Kissie This play deals with the social reality which was dominant in Ethiopia during that time, i. He championed the literary use of Amharic over European languages — whose knowledge, mengistu lemma poems and importance were and still are extremely limited in a non-colonised country such Ethiopia.

And all these at a time when Europeans used to cover themselves with mud and roam from forest to forest.

Yet the two comedies are conceived as something very far from mere entertainment. Search the Poetry Translation Centre website Cancel. Sleep overcame me as I lay down on mengistu lemma poems cotton and was covered with wool… Dimly, I heard the door slide open — but was fully awake by the mengistu lemma poems it slammed shut.

The first post in our series was on Akinwumi Isola. But all he did was praise our Great Creator for his delicate greys: Newer Post Older Post Home. The train hauled me out of London — out mengistu lemma poems the smoke, the smog, the grime, the filthy mix of soot and dust — while the train spun fog from the fabric of steam, clothing the land with its garment of blessings and punishment, Yizze kataf, yizze katafgoes the powerful weaver.

Different social and political, as well as traditional and cultural issues dominate the plays of Mengistu Lemma:. Posted by Bruce Levitan at