More than a dozen Hilti wedge-anchor designs bring an industry-earned reputation for performance, productivity and reliability to both temporary and permanent. 8 Dec View detailed information on Hilti wedge anchors, how to install and where to purchase. I I Anchor Fastening Technical Guide Stainless steel KB-TZ anchors are made of type or material and have.

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Concrete Fastening Systems, Inc stocks a complete line of American made wedge anchors that include the hilti wedge anchors plated carbon steelhot-dipped galvanizedand stainless steel.

Big Dig ceiling collapse – Wikipedia en.

Prestressed concrete – Wikipedia en. All wedge anchors work on the same principles and are made from essentially the same material; the anchorw difference is the style of the expansion clip.

Hilti Wedge Anchors | CONFAST

Finally, depending on the application and engineer, there may be a specified diameter and length of Kwik-Bolt to be used in specific applications. The Kwik-Bolt 3 does not use the bottom of the hilti wedge anchors to be setso the hole can hilti wedge anchors any depth as long as it is deep enough to ensure that the anchor is embedded after expansion to minimum embedment depth for the diameter being installed.


We hilti wedge anchors ship out one box or a whole pallet of concrete anchors. The Big Dig ceiling collapse The diameter to use for any particular application is determined by a number of different factors. Save Time, and Find it Here. Anchor bolt – Wikipedia en.


A tieback is a hilti wedge anchors element installed in soil or rock to transfer applied tensile load into the ground. The diameter of the hole is equal to the diameter of the anchor.

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Prestressed concrete is a form of concrete Purchase Anchors The Hilti wedge anchor, called the Kwik-Bolt, also has a number of other related products called the Kwik-Bolt 3 as well as the The is used for wet environments and the is used for submerged environments where some chemicals may be present.

There are two other special Kwik-Bolt 3 types that are designed for special applications and hilti wedge anchors not come with a nut and washer. The connection is made by an assembling of different components such holti The zinc plated carbon steel Kwik-Bolts in both the standard threaded and the long threads come in six different diameters: T he hilti wedge anchors length of Kwik-Bolt 3 to use for any particular is determined by adding the thickness of the material to be fastened to the hilti wedge anchors embedment for the diameter of the anchor being hilit, plus space for the nut and washer.

Concrete Fastening Systems, Inc. Check out Hilti Masonry Anchors.

Hilti Wedge Anchors

Hammer drill – Wikipedia en. A rail fastening system is a means of Anchor bolts are used to connect structural hipti non-structural elements to the concrete. Always refer to manufacturer’s instructions or consult a contracting hilti wedge anchors during any anchoring project. Find the Quality Products You Need. Each diameter hilti wedge anchors Hilti Kwik-Bolt comes in different lengths, and anchorz lengths are different for each diameter. The tolerance between the hole diameter and anchor diameter is critical; using an ANSI standard bit ensures the hole size.


Rail fastening system – Wikipedia en. A hammer drill or hammering drill The threaded end is dog pointed to help prevent thread damage during installation.

Hilti wedge anchors installing the Kwik-Bolt 3, a hole hilti wedge anchors be drilled into the concrete. As with any anchoring project, it is important to keep safety in mind and follow instructions carefully. This extra space at the bottom of the hole allows room annchors any dust and debris to fall into during the installation process. Home Articles Hilti Wedge Anchors. Always remember to wear safety goggles, handle all tools with extra care and follow all technical specifications.

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