Cast & Credits. Cast. cast member. Wickreme Bogoda. cast member. Wijeratna Warakagoda. cast member. Sriyani Amerasena. cast member. 7 Sep The fourth in a series of sketches of the films of Lester James Peries. Golu Hadawatha, the first of three films that Lester James Peries directed. Golu Hadawatha – ගොළු හදවත – – Sri Lanka Cinema Golu Hadawatha ( Translation: Silent Heart) was a popular Sinhalese language romance film .

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Read industry research and statistics. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Premasiri Kemadasa Music Director.

Fragments.: Landed and landless: ‘Golu Hadawatha’ and ‘Akkara Paha’

Wickrama Bogoda Anula Karunathilake. Dhammi is immediately attracted to him and they become friends. He also loses his job as a teacher and sadly golu hadawatha from home. But Sugath is unable to forget Dhammi, and keeps thinking about her and begins golu hadawatha drink heavily to alleviate his pain.

Pieris took advantage of the golu hadawatha, took over the script from Karunasena Jayalath and so de golu hadawatha stole the script as well as the film from Piyasiri Gunaratne. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Production and development funding. British certification and tax relief. This page was last edited on 17 Julyat golu hadawatha Classroom resources for teachers.

Dhammi is immediately attracted with this behavior and both become friends, which eventually grows in to a special relationship. Browse our education events. Future learning and skills — giving everyone the opportunity to build a lifelong relationship with film. Sugath is heartbroken and comes home to meet Sarath.

It golu hadawatha a new cinematic format to the romance and love movie genre. Use film and TV in my classroom.


Courses, training and conferences for teachers. Skills and business development funding.

Golu Hadawatha

Music was by Premasiri Khemadasa. Search for Lottery awards.

Latest from the BFI Latest news, features and opinion. The first half of the film depicts the story though the eyes of Sugath and the next half the audience see the story through the eyes of Dammi. Views Read Edit View history. She states that her marriage with her cousin, Nihal was arranged by golu hadawatha fathers, golu hadawatha they were small. She tells Sugath that she loved him despite knowing that she would never have the chance to become his wife.

A few weeks later, the golu hadawatha announced Lester James Peiris was about to shoot the film. Selling to the BFI. The movie’s story is golu hadawatha on the novel Golu Hadawatha written by Hadawatba Jayalath inbased on his school time experiences and memories. Based on a novel by Karunasena Jayalath, its screenplay was written by Regi Siriwardena.

Golu Hadawatha – Wikipedia

The film, which depicts the love affair between two school going teenagers, created a sensation among Golu hadawatha Lankan film lovers, both young and old, and is considered a landmark in the history of Sri Lankan cinema. But, the day they have their final exam, Dhammi tells Sugath that she golu hadawatha loved Sugath as a brother and not to keep any further hopes about her.

Distribution and exhibition funding. Lester James Peries Director. The film, golu hadawatha depicts the love affair between two school going teenagers, created a sensation among Sri Lankan film lovers, both young and old, and is golu hadawatha a landmark in the history of Sri Lankan cinema.


Find out about international touring programmes. Articles needing additional references from May All articles needing additional references. Press releases and media enquiries. Sugath, who has lost his parents when he was very young, has a brother who is attending university.

Dejected, Sugath returns home, broken-hearted. The film is far golu hadawatha advance of its time and shows the touch of a master in the cinematography.

Retrieved from ” https: She begs for forgiveness from him golu hadawatha playing with his feelings and asks him to golu hadawatha for her sake, and to return home. The film departs from the normal recipie of Hero, heroine, villain, joker, songs, fights etc and was regarded as one of the land golu hadawatha in Sri Lankan Cinema.

Sugath Golu hadawatha Wickrema Bogoda is a shy and introverted boy, who is new to the school. Damayanthi Kariyawasam Dhammi Anula Karunathilake is a mischievous school girl. Movie impacted the then literature, music, and popular culture among the young generation in the 60s. But, Sugath who is unable to forget Dhammi, keeps thinking about her and gets in to drinking. Silent Heart was a popular Sinhalese language romance film directed by maestro Lester James Peiris. Teaching film, TV golu hadawatha media studies.

The first golu hadawatha of the film depicts the story through the eyes of Sugath and the next half the audience see the story through the eyes of Dhammi. Golu Hadawatha Reviewed by films.