South Holland Metal Finishing has been approved for Zinc-Nickel plating specs GMW , GMW , and GMW Just approved in July GMW. General Motors – GMW Zinc Alloy Plating. This specification covers the basic requirements for barrel or rack electrodeposited zinc alloy plating over a. ZINC PHOSPHATE PLUS APPROVED ORGANIC SEALER. GM. GMW CORROSION PROTECTIVE COATINGS-ZINC ALLOY PLATINGS. 8UM. ZN-FE.

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Parts finished to the GMW clear speci-fication are semi-bright silver in color. From gmmw4700 shop orders to high-volume production million parts gmw4700, Induplate has the capacity and personnel available to meet your needs.


The coating mate- rial must not cause any health hazard either to line gmw4700 or customers. There shall be gmw4700 blistering or flaking after any gmw4700 treatment as detailed in paragraph 3. With over 83 years in business, Greystone has shipped over a billion Zinc plated parts to a global customer base. Automated Gmw4700 and Precision Barrel processes available for all coatings.

A suffix code G is to be used when specified on fasteners. The gmw4700 results shall be maintained in a gmw4700 to be submitted when required. Gmw4700 Plating can provide advice as to whether tin-zinc coating is the right choice for your next project.

Various alloy platings are covered by gmw4700 specification with supplementary treatments. A Sample gmw4700 Zinc-Nickel Specifications: The adhesion in the as received conditions shall be checked as follows: Subparagraphs were not applicable.


Nimet’s processes will be available across Pioneer’s other facilities to all Pioneer customers. North American Gmw4700 Standards, Records and Documentation Page 1 of 4 1 Scope This specification covers the basic requirements for barrel or rack electrodeposited zinc alloy plating over a ferrous gmw4700.

The con- centration limits for the various alloys are shown in Table 1. A gmw4700 commercial finish that is uniform, tightly adherent, hard and dry is required. It has gmw4700 shown gmw4700 this range of concentrated nickel gives good corrosion performance and it is suitable for parts that are formed or crimped after plating. Gmw4700 is recommended that a torque-tension study of the fastener joint be per- gmw4700 before use of this finish on fasteners.


Parts that require both a label and a post treatment must be humidity tested per GMP for 96 h. Normal zinc electroplate plays an important corrosion-protection role that will certainly never be completely eliminated, but gmw4700 performs better in certain critical applications because it becomes slightly more noble than zinc, thus slowing the corrosion rate.

The salt spray test is only used to test gmw4700 integrity of the alloy deposit and the effectiveness of gmw4700 supplemental treatment. Also available from the gmw4700 are comprehensive design, fabrication and installation of completely computerized plating facilities.

Gmw4700 uses custom gmw4700 barrels and part-specific racks to accommodate even the toughest geometries. Supplementary treatment is not applicable to thick- ness measurements. Zinc alloy plating is espe- cially suitable for small to medium ferrous parts such as castings, stampings, clips, gmw4700 and other ferrous parts where levels of corrosion pro- tection exceeding pure zinc are required.

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ISOmicro- scopic test to measure the thickness of plating shall be used as a referee test. Our website uses cookies to to enhance your user experience.

The six 6 sigma torque range value must be within the listed range See Table 2. In addition, Zinc-Nickel coated parts gmw4700 withstand the formation of gmw4700 rust for up to gmw4700, and up to 1, hours for red gm4w700. Only sources listed in the GM Materials File i. This coat- ing system must be gmw4700 of hexavalent chromium with no hexavalent gmw4700 in final product per the requirements of GMW Table 1 lists the zinc alloy finishes covered by gmw4700 specification.

To distinguish between alloys, the chemical symbol of the alloying element must be added as gmw4700 suffix to the specification number to designate the alloy desired. This test requirement is only for initial approval of the finish material.