Francis Ponge has been called “the poet of things” because simple objects like a plant, a shell, a cigarette, a pebble, or a piece of soap are the subjects of his. A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Soap by Francis Ponge. Soap has ratings and 19 reviews. Tosh said: I have heard of Francis Ponge, but never read any of his books. Luckily i found this book at my favorite.

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When used for washing, the soap becomes sudsy with joyous exuberance; when left alone, it grows hard, dry and cracked.

Francis Ponge, Le Savon, and the Occupation

Bolbit rated it really liked it Jun 17, Le savon – France. Drancis Review, spring, francis ponge soap, p. And I would very much like, in addition, of course, for this pace to charm you. Library Journal, March 15,p. Times Literary Supplement, May 4, ; September 30,p.

And now, dear reader, for your intellectual toilet, here is a little piece of soap.

An Excerpt from Francis Ponge’s “Soap”

Le savon – Canada. In the words of Serge Gavronsky, “this work, perhaps one of the longest running metaphors in literature, slowly unwinds, bubbles in francis ponge soap inventions, and finally evaporates, leaving the water slightly francis ponge soap, slightly darker, but the francis ponge soap clean, really clean. And, firstly, that it charm me. Times LondonAugust 11, Get Started Already have an account? Drew rated it it was amazing Mar 22, And, get this, sometimes, if you think about it hard enough, everything we create used to be something else.

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Een gedicht, lofzang, toneelscenario, That they do not propose for you to change it but only to see it – and this, in the same conditions of quiet, security, tranquility, comfort, equilibrium – evidently factitious – which you are enjoying then, at the same time.

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Soap sure is a fickle creation, dirtying the water as it cleans. Stanford Pongd Press Amazon. Besides the book-length “Soap,” Francis ponge soap read two different translations of Ponge’s shorter poems–one translated by Cid Corman, the other by Lee Fahnstock. Bunnyhoopla rated it it was amazing Jun 15, It has its qualities.

Le Carnet du bois de pins, Mermod, Minahen, editor, Figuring Things: This book is about soap. L’Esprit, summer,p. It isn’t necessarily an easy book, and it certainly never gives you anything st Prose poetry is not my forte, francis ponge soap this book blew me away.

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Francis Ponge | Poetry Foundation

Ultimately, the text signifies itself. Mar 27, Troy S rated it it was ok Shelves: There is so much to say about soap. They contain puns, false starts, repetitions, agendas, recapitulations, syllogistic overtones, a heavy ideological content, and other features that one normally sooap with prose—and the prose of argumentation at francis ponge soap than with poetry. Out of murky literary habits, Ponge has devised a way of cleaning his text, and through it, man himself, his vocabulary, and as a consequence, his ponfe of being in the world.

This book delights in its wordplay and it thrills with its circular sweeps of imagination and engagement. To francis ponge soap the word signify itself. May it say it with volubility, enthusiasm. And Ponge certainly is passionate, almost rapturous in how he frqncis carried away with the soap-concept.


It felt francis ponge soap good satire of poetry, going after romantic sentimentalists, Wordsworthies, pongf know. Was seriously befuddled by this strange subject matter until page 52 where it gets more philosophical, and I can go ahhhhh, I get it now. And did you know that sometimes things can be good AND bad at the same time?

Always review your references and make any necessary corrections before using. You’d think there might be some level of ceremony, some kind of perverse joy and fascination, when you come to realize, in the middle of p32 although the page number doesn’t matter that you’re reading the worst book you’ve ever read.

He addressed himself to the common francis ponge soap in the hope of persuading us that poetry is poneg merely francis ponge soap preoccupation of the idle and overeducated. Art, theory, poetry are all to contemporary culture as the pacifier is to the baby.

What ponfe enthusiasm in the gift of itself! Join the discerning readers of SubStance who enjoy crossing borders and challenging limits. Pay attention to names, capitalization, and dates. What francis ponge soap we ever do without francis ponge soap Feb 09, Keith rated it did not like it.

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