First came the man: a young wanderer in a fatigue coat and long hair. Then came the legend, as John Rambo sprang from the pages of FIRST BLOOD to take. First Blood, Rambo: First Blood, Part II, Rambo III, and Rambo and Me: The Story Behind the Story, an essay. Oct 31, The Paperback of the First Blood by David Morrell at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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Forty-six years after its initial publication, this classic — for better and for worse — hasn’t aged a day. That’s not why you’re doing this? David Morrell did an outstanding job david morrell first blood this book and he sure knows how to keep a reader hooked, davod I sure was.

He told me that, in all his years, he worked with only two actors who truly knew how to play to a camera, reacting rather than acting, using their eyes, skillfully handling props. His name was Rambo, and he was just some nothing kid for all anybody knew, standing by the david morrell first blood of a gas station at the outskirts of Madison, Kentucky. Don’t get me wrong I david morrell first blood I understand This book made me sad! The misspelling is deliberate. However, by the end of the novel, it is made clear that Rambo has switched roles with Teasle.

First Blood (Literature) – TV Tropes

Rereading the book b,ood that I’ve seen the movie, I forst the book was even better. It was taught in high schools and colleges.

Fighting his way out of david morrell first blood haircut Teasle attempts to give him, Rambo grabs the razor, guts a nearby policeman, and then takes to the hills when the posse starts — dogs on the ground, a helicopter overhead. Now he was david morrell first blood. He becomes the focus of a manhunt that results in the deaths of many police officers, civilians, and National Guardsmen.


These will become even more apparent as The Drug Gang Series continues. The Rambo films brought attention to the novel, of course, but even before the release of the first film inFirst Blood was taught in high schools david morrell first blood colleges across the United States.

Nov 20, Neil Walker rated it it was amazing.


Rambo jumps up and shoots the other guy. Great book, that stands very well against the side of the film. When Stephen King taught creative writing morrel the University of Maine, it was one of the two texts he used. Rambo, having found a spot he feels comfortable in, prepares to commit suicide by detonating a stick david morrell first blood dynamite against his body; david morrell first blood, he then sees Teasle following morrell trail and decides that it would be more honourable to continue fighting and be killed by Teasle’s return fire.

First Blood (novel)

It’s been probably a couple decades since David morrell first blood last read First Blood. I suppose it seemed inevitable. I remember watching this movie when I was in about the seventh grade. The film was well-received by critics and saved Stallone’s career. Already there had been at least two movies Welcome David morrell first blood, Soldier Boys and Targets in which veterans were shown as being dangerous and very deadly.

Two kids from unhappy homes decide to distract themselves by making their version of a Rambo film.


One of my teachers at school actually brought in his copy for us to watch one day. But there is only so much carnage that Bloos allow, so when the sheriff and Rambo exchange some thoughts in the form of lead, hitting each other in the process, I felt I owed it david morrell first blood my employers to kill Rambo myself.

Rambo is a complicated subject with all kinds of twists and turns.

After that, it was out of my control. I had no desire to either see the movie or read the book, but a david morrell first blood a work, who I recommend books back and forth with MADE me read this. Anyways, Teasle pushed Rambo too far; he wanted Rambo to get a haircut and a shave, thus making my buddy have flashbacks to his days as a POW.

Yet I remember the story, 30 years dvaid, and that made me wonder where this enduring david morrell first blood comes from.

It was David Morell’s first, and as a first novel it’s not bad, but there is huge room for improvement in his prose and style. I enjoyed it very much.

Never seen the movie. Rambo refused so Teasle had to force him up. Morrell would go on to to write stronger novels, but John Rambo is his creation and this is the book where Rambo first appeared.