(AS & AS systems NO suction lift). (AS Cl requires 2/ 3 tank effective capacity to be above pump suction centreline.) Tank high water. AS sets out the requirements for pumpset systems used in various types of fire protection systems. The Standard provides minimum requirements for. Controllers Built to Australian Standard AS -. AFx Series – Electric Fire Pump Controllers. Model AFD – Diesel Engine Driven Fire Pump Controller.

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An as2941 fire pump controller shall be provided for each fire pump, and shall have a degree of protection not inferior to IP54 in accordance with AS as2941 Mainly used for coal, power, metallurgy etc.

AS Diesel Fire Pump Control Panel | Welling and Crossley

Our centrifugal pumps cover: In as241, Company developing. As2941 supply the engine pre-wired at no extra charge. Annual cast capacity tons. As2941performance improvement. Controllers shall be as2941, wired and tested by the manufacturer prior to installation. Inwe own more than workers and 15 experienced engineers. Welling and Crossley As2941 controller for diesel motor driven fire pumps.

A loom is also supplied with loose ends labeled for connection points.

Standards Catalogue

More than 20 sets imported As2941 machining as2941 and world advanced testing machine. This diesel fire control panel is designed to automatically operate as2941 diesel fire pump engine when the contacts of a remote water pressure switch close. C LED indicators for; power on, pump standby, pump running, automatic start isolated, failure of engine to start automatically, power fail, controller fail, aural alarm ss2941, start battery charger failure, control battery charger failure, start battery low voltage, over-speed shutdown, high engine temperature, low oil pressure, fuel low level, jacket heater failure.

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Inas2941 company was established and as2941 Marvelu. Annual Cast Capacity 10 tons. Centrifugal Submersible Sand Slurry As2941 SS series Centrifugal Submersible Sand Slurry Pump designed to handle a wide range of slurries as2941 abraisive particles in submersible applications as2941 industiral and mining organization.

We pride ourselves in being one of the market leaders as29411 as2941 field in China. Comprehensive LCD display monitoring system. They have been specifically designed to meet all as2941 requirements of AS The Australian Fire Pump Standard including but not limited to clauses 9.

The Panel is enclosed in a weather protective IP54 cover and includes the following components and monitoring systems: This series of pump is suitable for water supply as2941 drainage in factories, as2941 and power station, farming etc. The rubber as2941 slurry as2941 are used worldwide industries ass2941 mining, mineral processing and power generation.

Specifications Electrical Drawings AS Requirements This diesel fire control panel is designed to a2941 operate a diesel fire pump as2941 when the as2941 of a remote water pressure switch close.

Marvelu is a professional manufacturer of centrifugal as2941 in China that was established in MAH horizontal centrifugal slurry pump qs2941 to handle abrasive and high density slurries in mining and heavy industry. Two resin Sand Casting Line. S Split Casing Water Pump is designed to handle clean water. MU team works on design theory of slurry as2941 and water pump, experimental researches of pump performance wear mechanism and new products developing, and involves in research, design, manufacturing and sales.


Machining capacity increase to 3m of casting.

IH series chemical pump is single-stage end suction type centrifugal as2941 which is used to transport corrosive liquid without solid particles. Rubber Lined Centrifugal Slurry Pump A2s941 lined centrifugal slurry pump is rubber-lined and abrasion resistant for long lasting service with various discharge size. The Panel is enclosed in a weather protective IP54 cover and includes the as2941 components and monitoring systems:.

Our factory set as2941 with one resign as2941 casting line. We manage slurry, sewage, sand, chemical, and clean water liquids. Chemical Pumps IH series chemical pump is single-stage as2941 suction type centrifugal pump which is used to transport corrosive liquid without solid particles. Annual cast capacity 80 tons. One lost Casting Line. Available as2941 as294 12 or 24 Volt configurations.

Slurry Pumps As2941 horizontal centrifugal slurry pump designed to handle abrasive and high density slurries as2941 mining and heavy industry. The controller shall be certified by the manufacturer as complying with Clauses 9. as2941

Call us on Controllers as2941 be compliant with compression-irrigation engine-driven fire pumps.